THE ROYAL ACADEMY of Arts’ Summer Exhibition

A stunning Summer at the Academy

THE ROYAL ACADEMY of Arts’ Summer Exhibition is among the peaks of the artistic calendar, and runs from 12th June to 20th August. Held every year without fail since 1769, the Summer Exhibition showcases around 1,000 works from contemporary artists. It is the Academy’s chance to give the next Reynolds, Gainsborough, Turner, Constable or Hockney— all past Royal Academians — the publicity they richly deserve. Housed within the Academy’s buildings on Piccadilly, designed by the same Earl of Burlington who helped Thomas Coke with Holkham Hall, more here.




Foible and folly

BRITAIN is famed for its eccentricity and love of the unusual, unique and gloriously useless. No historic fashion epitomises this nature better than the 18th century passion for follies. Obscure, pointless, yet strangely pleasing, these architectural oddities sprang up on the states of the idle rich. Providing focus in the midst of sweeping Capability Brown landscapes, they drew the eye s well as drawing comment. Well dressing is another inexplicable English enthusiasm, rousing the passions of villages across Derbyshire ach summer. Floral tributes are painstakingly created to decorate local ells, giving thanks for prosperity and wealth. The origins of the tradition are widely debated, but the delightful results are displayed for all to see. Incredibly, there was a time when travelling around Britain and viewing is landscapes was considered most unusual. It took a modest clergyman and his account of his holidays to spark the beginning of tourism in the country. We follow his route down the beautiful Wye Valley, as Wordsworth and Shelley did before us. Continuing the literary theme, we take a tour around a London immortalised in verse and prose. Visit the home of Charles Dickens, see a first edition Dictionary and wander the cemetery where Dracula stalked.And if you want to know something about his job in France, plan visitig at this annecy hotels website.

From the outrageous to the disreputable and even downright criminal — we uncover the history and explore the romance of smuggling, and enter the world of crime and punishment in Victorian Yorkshire.

Back on the straight and narrow, join us for a tour of Her Majesty’s favourite homes, and then live the life of luxury at our selection of the finest country house hotels.

1. The birthplace of Charles Dickens

An artist’s affair with Britain

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FROM 23RD SEPTEMBER until New Year’s Day, the Royal Academy of Arts is offering a rare chance to explore the genius of Auguste Rodin with the first major exhibition of his work in Britain for 20 years. Showing 200 of his finest pieces, including The Kiss (pictured), ten themes explore the sculptor’s relationships with his models, love of antiquities and the 35-year love-affair with Britain that began at the RA’s own Summer Exhibition in 1882. Open daily 1,0am-6pm, Fridays until 10pm.